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A guiding principle at Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School is that families choose learning environments for their children, which are consistent with their values and in which they have full confidence. Registration forms and fees from newly enrolling families will only be accepted after at least one adult family member has had the opportunity to participate in a one-hour Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School information session.

The enrollment process for Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School occurs in two parts, giving families a window of opportunity to become familiar with the school’s programs before a full commitment is made for the school year. The first step in the process is to complete the annual enrollment forms and remit the registration and materials fee. The annual registration and materials fee, collected at the time of enrollment and accompanied by required enrollment forms, is non-refundable. The second step in the process is to sign the Tuition Agreement, which outlines a family’s financial obligation to the school. Families may choose to withdraw their child’s enrollment, prior to signing the Tuition Agreement and will not be obligated to pay the annual tuition, but all fees previously remitted are non-refundable.


BLMS charges an annual tuition for each school year; this calculation is the basis of the school’s budget and the programs offered. Once a family completes a child’s registration by signing the Tuition Agreement, the school has secured a space for the child on its roster and in its budget. After signing the Tuition Agreement, the family is responsible for the full payment of the child’s annual tuition for the entire school year. Therefore, there will be no reimbursement of tuition for any reason including illness, vacation or if the child is withdrawn from BLMS from the time the Tuition Agreement is signed prior to the culmination of the school year, which ends in June for Toddler and Primary and August for Infant.

Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School recognizes that families have various financial circumstances and for this reason the school offers several tuition payment options. For families choosing not to remit a child’s tuition in full prior to the beginning of the school year, one of our tuition payment plans may be selected—semi-annual or monthly.

Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School offers various discount options for early enrollment, siblings, and families remitting annual tuition in one or two payments. Please email the school’s Business Manager, Ms. Queenie Yu, at, for additional details.

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