At the turn of the 20th century, Dr. Maria Montessori developed an education system and materials that follow a child’s natural development and curiosity; group students in multi-age classrooms so they can learn from and with one another; and empower young children to develop focus and independence.  Today longitudinal studies, the academic and professional success of Montessori students, and brain research support the strength of this methodology.

Because Montessori education in America is often associated with high-cost, exclusive private schools, many do not know that Dr. Montessori developed The Montessori Method while working with the poorest children in Rome. At BLMS, we are inspired to follow this role model in bringing Montessori education to as many young learners as possible regardless of their parents’ financial circumstances.

 “The child is not an empty being who owes whatever he knows to us who have filled him up with it. No, the child is the builder of man. There is no man existing who has not been formed by the child he once was.”

-Maria Montessori

BLMS has a distinctive way of guaranteeing school diversity and increasing access to high-quality Montessori education. From day one, the school has provided financial assistance to families who need it. Options include acceptance of the Urban League childcare subsidy voucher to direct scholarships. As a result, the school looks a lot like the Jersey City community it calls home, welcoming students from all parts of the globe, all religious traditions, and all economic backgrounds. We do this through support of many generous donors who make financial contributions and connect the school to funding and partnerships that count!

We welcome you to partner with us on our mission to keep Montessori within reach for our children and our community.

BOC: Purchase a ticket or a table at our Breakfast of Champions for Education event November 14 8a-9:30a, Siena Hall 375 Fairmount Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306. Then join us for a visit to BLMS (324 Communipaw Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304) at 10a. The BOC is a space to envision what is needed to provide high-quality early education options for all of the children of Jersey City. Be a champion and bring a champion!

2nd Annual BLMS Scholarship Gala: Participate in our gala. Just under $20,000 was donated through our inaugural gala. This year, we are working to double that amount to ensure that lack of money does not keep families from choosing a high-quality Montessori education. Can you, your company or organization serve as a sponsor for this event? Of course, we would love for you to join us Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 6p for a celebration of our diverse Montessori community!

Grants: Do you volunteer with an organization that provides grants to schools? Perhaps your company provides a matching gift program, or you might be a grant writer yourself. Your help in connecting BLMS to funding sources to provide scholarships, arts education, STEM experiences, professional development, and field trips would be greatly appreciated.

Partnerships: We are proud to have formed long-term partnerships with many local businesses and organizations.

We would be honored to partner with your company or non-profit.